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Our choice of vehicle and our driving behavior is responsible for about one-fifth of all carbon emissions. When emissions rise, the planet heats up.

Get the free app and tackle your car’s climate impact.

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How It Works

Caremiles app lets you measure and mitigate your climate impact by connecting to your car

caremiles is your easy button to climate change and your role in combating it

The app calculates your vehicle’s impact by using heavily researched and widely used EPA standards, but we don’t want to show off our science skills here. Instead, we show that impact in terms of trees.

See how many trees you saved just by driving your Electric Vehicle around or how many trees you may consider planting to compensate for that awesome gas car.

But there’s more to tree planting than just planting trees.

We work with partners such as Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition and to plant Garden Forests with farmers.

When you plant trees with farmers you aren’t just helping the planet. You’re immediately impacting lives of families in need. is a trusted caremiles forestation partner
caremiles app works with most car makes and models in United States and Canada

Just in case you are wondering, no we don't track your phone or require any additional hardware to be installed in your car.

In fact, for most makes and models the app connects with the vehicle's manufacturer for verified odometer data. The app works with all Electric Vehicles (EV) and ICE (Gas) passenger cars.

Sign-up today, its free! Use technology, simplified science and our forestation partners to drive real change!

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with your Apple or Google account.

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Enroll Your Car

Securely connect to your car account and start tracking your personal impact on the environment.

We respect your privacy; your car data is always encrypted and only accessible to you.

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Track Your Impact

Earn trees or neutralize your carbon footprint.

Make your miles count, show you care and share the joy.

Anyone who is 16 and above, has a car.

This app is completely free - no hidden fees or anything. Instead, you earn trees every time.

The app currently supports passenger cars only, no bikes, buses or commercial trucks yet. To keep things simple, we only consider plug in electric vehicles as electric vehicles or EVs. All other cars are considered Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) or Gas vehicles.

Caremiles app will help you do a great job of caring for the environment and community by measuring and mitigating your impact on climate.

A typical gas car that drives around 10,000 miles each year produces over 800 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Simple - Caremiles app lets you measure and mitigate your climate impact by connecting to your car.

But it's a lot more than that. It turns out cheaper for some people than owning a gas-powered one; plus, you might qualify for incentives through the government or private sector because of this action..

'Car Account' is the log in you have with your car maker. You use it on their app or website. EVs, cannot be enrolled on the app without a car account.

Working with our partner smartcar; we read your car's data in an anonymous and secure manner. Smartcar is a trusted leader in the connected car space and SOC 2 compliant.

Unbeknownst to most drivers 1 in 3 vehicles on the road relay diagnostic data back to car makers as required by government regulation. This number is improving year on year.

While most EVs support verified diagnostic data. Not all ICE (Gas) cars are capable of transmitting this data. In case your ICE (Gas) car is not compatible or if we have trouble getting your car data. The app will fall back to manual odometer entry.

Further automation is on our roadmap. We truly believe technology should just work.

The app has seperate embedded smartcar screens which handle 'Car Account' sign in and consent process within the app. Our systems rely on smart car to handle 'Car Account' log in. Smartcar is a trusted leader in the connected car space and SOC 2 compliant.

Upon user consent smartcar provides us with verified data points such as VIN, odometer, fuel tank etc so we can calculate your climate impact accurately.

For EVs, additional data points such as as battery level and location are needed to determine kWHs and source of electricity used in charging the car.

Trees earned are available for planting with a purchase price of $0.5 each - your contributions don't stop there. By planting these trees, your money will go towards helping nonprofit organization's - they use it wisely to alleviate hunger, poverty, and deforestation; all without costing you anything extra!

We work with partners such as to plant Garden Forests with farmers.

When you plant trees with farmers you aren’t just helping the planet. You’re immediately impacting lives of families in need.

Priceless Planet Coalition

Become a Sponsor, Reward eco-friendly behaviour at scale

As a partner of the Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition we are working together for the planet with coalition partners to restore 100 million trees by 2025 – these trees are being planted in 18 projects worldwide across 5 continents.

About us

Made with care for the world in California

Caremiles Inc was born in 2021 with a mission to offer technology and common sense to help people make eco-friendly mobility choices, supported by education and financial incentives.

Stay tuned as we build the platform and grow our community of people just like you.

Core Team

A dreamer and a sucker for nerd talk. Kashif is a payments and consumer banking specialist with 25+ years of globe-trotting experiences. Having lived and worked in South Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Europe and North America, believes in the power of diversity and collaboration.

After successfully launching and overseeing several largescale businesses with world leading brands, Kashif recently quit his job and relocated to California to pursue this vision. A vision of driving real change through education, support and motivation made possible through simplified technology and a bit of common sense.

Education: MBA in Financial Management

Loves: Hard rock music, collecting guitars and everything about electric cars

Life goal: Pursue a better world for everyone. Tell a lot of dad-jokes along the way

Rai is a battle-hardened veteran when it comes to startups. An entrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years of experience in both B2C and B2B domains, he keeps it real and pragmatic.

He spent his earlier career as an information management consultant for blue chip companies in Australia. Cofounded and led two high-profile startup exits in South East Asia, EatOye (to Rocket Internet) and Daraz (to Ali Baba). In his day job at PC Connection he directs technology and data teams supporting eComm platforms; raking in billions of dollars’ annually.

Rai has successfully built and led large product development teams, proved his mastery at enabling mass adoption of digital properties and scaled platforms to run millions of transactions per month. He loves being part of a whole such as caremiles, which is bound to be greater than the sum of its parts!

Education: Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Deakin University, Australia

Loves: food, skiing and travel

Current life goal: wants to leave a better world for his two daughters

Natasha gets people; she gets brands. Her superpower is to unearth what really makes a company connect with their customers. She has 10+ years of marketing and communications experience. She believes that everyone of us is capable of bringing something unique to the table. That’s what makes her perfect to launch and manage high profile brands!

She was instrumental in growing a local food delivery startup EatOye until its acquisition by foodpanda (Rocket Internet). She's also responsible for the brand revamp and repositioning the messaging behind Pakistan's biggest cancer hospital, Shaukat Khanum as well as jobs’ portal

Education: Masters of Business Administration from Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan

Loves: Cats, dogs, lions, horses, nature and traveling around the world. Goals: To build a better world for everyone. Have a books and coffee shop of her own by the beach

We’re thrilled to have Laloo with us. He absolutely adores nature and is here to join human efforts to protect the environment. Walks around worried and believes we can do better. May be he knows something we don’t!

Anyway, as our CAR (ahem, Chief Animal Representative), Laloo’s role is to keep us all on track and cheer for people who are helping protect the environment.

Current role: Write blogs to educate people, share updates and alerts related to the planet

Watch out for: His stink bombs and lack of political correctness

Abbie’s passions are user experience and product development. Her superpower is relentless execution. She loves a challenge and has spent the last 25 building and managing software products in e-commerce, fin-tech and education financing

Education: BS in Business Administration, Emmanuel College, Boston, Massachusetts USA.

Loves: Yoga, hiking, cooking, and family

A people’s person who loves being around people and comes with a versatile experience of 15 years of working with different industries and people in the field of Customer services, Corporate Client Management, Real Estate, BPO Industry, Administration & Operations across the UAE, and Pakistan. A can-do attitude is his superpower!

Education: Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Karachi University, Pakistan

Loves: Cats, Dogs, Good food, Taking pictures of nature and places and Travelling

Omar is a seasoned financial services executive, tech entrepreneur and mentor to innovators. After spending over 15 years in wealth management and consumer banking across multiple cultures and geographies, he jumped fences and switched to his entrepreneurial persona ten years ago. In this time, he has been a co-founder in two fintech and one biotech projects.

Omar remains deeply passionate about cognitive finance, behavioral engagement and synthetic meditation. He likes and draws inspiration from progressive house music, sports data sciences, and magical realism in literature and arts. Omar is based out of Toronto, Canada.